Gender Pay Divide Still 21% In Travel Sector, Says Report – Gary Noakes

Featured in TTG, April 2020 Women still lag behind in the travel pay league, but are set to make up more of the industry’s top jobs in the next year, new research has concluded. A report from Women in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure (WiHTL) concluded the nymber of women in top roles in the threeContinue reading “Gender Pay Divide Still 21% In Travel Sector, Says Report – Gary Noakes”

International Women in Travel & Tourism Forum 2020

‘Shaping a gender inclusive industry to meet the talent and leadership needs of the 21st century’ We’re excited to learn more about the very first international forum in which senior leaders and up-and-coming female talent from across the industry are coming together to share, learn; challenge and progress their understanding of gender diversity and inclusion.Continue reading “International Women in Travel & Tourism Forum 2020”

On the road to gender parity… are we there yet?

By Traci Mercer – Sabre Travel Network | August 20, 2019 As a little girl growing up in the ’80s, I imagined a future that included flying cars like in the Jetsons, having a personal computerized assistant like Max Headroom and the ability to push a button and get whatever I wanted, like food or toys. The futureContinue reading “On the road to gender parity… are we there yet?”

Everywoman in Travel Award Winners

The travel industry celebrated outstanding talent from the UK and beyond with the announcement of the 2019 Revolut everywoman in Travel Awards winners. The awards celebrate inspirational women whose attitude, work ethic and commitment to supporting other women are making a positive impact on this rapidly evolving industry. Despite an ever increasing pool of femaleContinue reading “Everywoman in Travel Award Winners”