Jeannette Linfoot Associates

Jeannette Linfoot Associates combines the careers and businesses of Jeannette Linfoot. These include Busfoot Property Ltd. run by Jeannette and her partner Chris Busuttil, her work as Board Advisor and M&A Consultant, mainly in the travel, leisure and hospitality sector, as well as being a business mentor to all and advocate for women in the boardroom.

Jeannette Linfoot also talks to incredible people on her podcast about their experiences of being Brave, Bold & Brilliant, which have allowed them to unleash their full potential in business, their careers and life in general.

From the boardroom tables of ‘big’ international business to the dining room tables of entrepreneurial start ups, how to overcome challenges, embrace opportunities and take risks, whilst staying ‘true’ to yourself is where the magic happens.

Jeannette’s passion for diversity and inclusion in the work place has been with her throughout her career. After more than 27 years in the travel industry Jeannette’s supporting other businesses and individuals to achieve their full potential. Find out more about what Jeannette can offer you here.

Jeannette is a highly accomplished and skilled strategist. She has exceptional vision and foresight. She is able to translate this vision into meaningful and impactful strategies that enables value creation. Jeannette’s extensive leadership experience means she can easily adapt to the needs of the board room, or indeed mentoring and coaching aspiring leaders of the future.

A true professional that always strives for a positive outcome.

Mal Barritt – CEO at Traveltek Ltd

Whether Mentoring, property investments, travel and tourism, M & A or change management Jeannette has a vision and focus to help expedite transformation and positive growth with a sense of humour and a very personable touch.

Melanie Latham – Head of Sales

Jeannette is an inspirational lady. Her approach to coaching and mentoring is so focussed, challenging and absolutely engaging. A real pleasure to work with.
She very quickly identifies the opportunities to make a difference and then helps establish a way to work through this in a structured fashion.
She speaks with passion and knowledge and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeanette as a coach and mentor.

Colin Nottage – Health & Safety

I have know Jeanette for some time now, her positive can-do attitude and down to earth style sets her apart from other business leaders and property investors. Whether it’s with her property business, her board advisory work or her mentoring, Jeannette is a pleasure to work with.

Dan Hulbert – Hulbert Homes

Jeannette is a true inspiration and a incredible force to be around, her business and mentoring is second to none with her down to business approach. Jeanette also has a incredible property business and we have been lucky enough to collaborate with this truly dedicated business women.

Laura Muse – Property Investor