Gender Pay Divide Still 21% In Travel Sector, Says Report – Gary Noakes

Featured in TTG, April 2020

Women still lag behind in the travel pay league, but are set to make up more of the industry’s top jobs in the next year, new research has concluded.

A report from Women in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure (WiHTL) concluded the nymber of women in top roles in the three sectors is set to pass the 33% mark in the next 12 months.

However, of the three sectors, travel lags behind in terms of the gender pay gap. Travel’s mean pay gap was 21.3%, compared with only 10% in the leisure industry.

The research also revealed that just 12.5% of companies had a number of black, Asian and minority ethnic (bame) staff equal to or greater than the propoertion in the UK working age population.

On the positive side, the percentage of women on executive committees has increased across 43% of companies year-on-year. At board level, that applied to almost half of companies.

WiHTL founder and chair Tea Colaianni said that despite some tangible results achieved, the report was a reminder that work had “only just begun”.