Joint Venture

If you’re looking to invest in property, but either don’t have the time or the knowledge to do so, a  joint venture could be the perfect solution for you.

There’s a variety of options for joint ventures, but the most common property joint ventures involve one partner contributing the finance and the other partner contributing their time, expertise and skills.

This is where we come in, with our knowledge and experience of property we take the worry and hassle away, and at the end of the project we jointly own the property together, so both sides can benefit from the income and equity that is generated.

What are the benefits of a joint venture?

  • Benefit from our knowledge, experience, network and skills
  • De-risks your investment
  • At the end of the project you jointly own the asset with us
  • Aligned goals agreed up front
  • Ongoing income and equity from the joint asset
  • Investing in one of the most secure asset classes available
  • Investing with a trusted partner
  • Build your knowledge and understanding of property investment and development by learning from us
  • Expands your property network by accessing our contacts
  • Opportunity for you to invest again and build a large joint portfolio