Deal Packaging

Deal packaging investment

If you like the idea of getting  your own property portfolio but you’ve not got the time to spend researching, attending viewings, dealing with estate agents, builders and lettings agents, then worry not, we can do all of that work for you.

We provide a turnkey solution for you which can be as light touch or as comprehensive as is right for you. A light touch solution would typically involve finding the target property for you, negotiating the terms with the vendor and then passing it over to you to take from there. Alternatively we can provide a full end to end solution including the above but also through to managing the renovation project, setting up the lettings agreement, finding and vetting tenants, right to the point that the tenant moves in, which is when we would handover the finished project to you.

Our fees range depending on which solution is right for you, rest assured we do the heavy lifting for you, but you own the property and future ongoing returns.

What are the benefits of deal packaging?

  • We do all the hard work for you up front
  • Bespoke tailormade solution specific to your requirements
  • At the end of the project you own the asset
  • Ongoing income and equity by owning your own portfolio
  • Investing in one of the most secure asset classes available
  • Working with a trusted partner
  • Opportunity for us to find you multiple deals