Brilliant Programme Details

What to expect….

  • 12 x face to face mentoring sessions of an hour each
  • UNLIMITED access to Jeannette via Whatsapp, email and calls where needed
  • EXTRA kick off strategy session to define purpose and direction
  • Your journey roadmap
  • Personal vision plan
  • Sphere of influence plan
  • Networking action plan
  • Review of your LinkedIn profile
  • CV review

What will you gain from this programme?

Mentoring combined with business advisory consultancy
✓ Access to 25 years of my experience and knowledge in business spanning corporate executive
roles to entrepreneurial start ups
✓ Support to realise and achieve your full potential
✓ A safe space to speak openly
✓ Tailored for your individual needs
✓ An opportunity to deeper dive into your overall purpose and reason why
✓ Focus on your specific outcomes
✓ Accountability to provide that push in the right direction when it’s needed.
✓ A learning partnership
✓ A broader way of thinking about things
✓ An increased level of self-awareness
New techniques that you can apply to different situations
Transformational learning opportunity to really embed your self-development